Man carries his puppy to the top of the mountain to say goodbye
He had a health condition and was in his last days. It was the favorite place of Carlos Fresco and Monty, that’s why before the departure imminent
A cold pigeon sought warmth in a little dog that was looking out the window
The canine hugged the bird with her paws. Dogs are the most empathetic animals that exist. They are capable of showing tenderness in unique moments and
Man plunges into narrow ditch to save puppies
The canines’ mother was calling for help. In the town of Tupungato in Mendoza, Argentina, a man was going to become a canine hero.
A kitten who never knew her mother’s love declares herself to the world
A kitten abandoned after giving birth now succeeds thanks to the help of volunteers and her own free will. On the first day of July, a responsible citizen
“Here’s a toy so I don’t forget me”: A boy leaves his defenseless puppy at a shelter so his father can’t beat him
Sadly, the world isn’t always fun and bright. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions, even if they break your heart. A few days ago, this
A kitten nicknamed Grandpa is winning people’s hearts
They say that in the future the concept of «health» will become something similar to a utopia, an unattainable and non-existent phenomenon.
You have the eyes of a hunter if you can find the bear in the forest in 5 seconds!
Optical Illusion: Find the bear in 5 seconds These optical illusions were once called witchcraft, demons, or evil spirits. Later, scientists found out
Only the smartest people can guess country names in 9 seconds!
Brain teasers are great tools to test your creativity and critical thinking skills. Check if you have a big brain by guessing all the country names in 9 seconds!
Man saves coyote stuck in barbed wire fence
A poor coyote was found stuck in a barbed wire fence as he tried to jump over it. He was stuck there unable to move. Fortunately, he was seen by a tall
Are animals capable of having feelings? A scientific study reveals the secrets of the brain of man’s best friend.
Believe it or not, dogs have consciousness and feeling, and a brain scan study proves it. This is what we should know from now on. Do dogs have feelings?