A cold pigeon sought warmth in a little dog that was looking out the window


The canine hugged the bird with her paws.

Dogs are the most empathetic animals that exist. They are capable of showing tenderness in unique moments and in unthinkable ways.

That was precisely what happened when a bird decided to seek refuge in the paws of its new furry friend.

Apparently this dog saw the bird through the window. She is in an attempt to stay alive, she was seen being hugged by some furry paws.

At one point, the owner of the dog intervened so that the little girl felt calmer.

The dog at no time showed a negative attitude towards the pigeon. The images show how the dove rests on the legs of the canine, with a calm face.

It should be noted that the savior was resting her hind legs on the floor and her friend’s dove rested on her front legs.

Viktoriya Belostotskaya is the name of the woman who lives with the savior dog named Yunona. To document the event, the proud owner decided to take pictures of the unique moment.

All this happened in the largest country on the Asian continent, going viral in a short time, being shared by thousands of moved users.

When Viktoriya saw that Yunona was calm and did not show any intention to affect the pigeon, she felt the need to record a video so that other people could see the docile character of her pet.

The pigeon’s feet were dirty and affected, for which Viktoriya decided to help her, she cleaned it and placed it at the window so that it would be free of it.

But she refused, apparently she was comfortable with the heat that the canine brought her.

«Why fly away from where you feel happy?» This is how the proud woman of her pet titled the video. The calm that the dog transmitted to the bird was undeniable. It was as if she was resting in a familiar place.

Those who heard the news felt compelled to express their admiration for this dog with noble feelings.

She deserves all the applause for the way they treated the needy. It is not every day that you see how a dove rests on the hairy paws of a canine.

After a long break, she flew away to other destinations, although Yunona will always be waiting for her.

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