Man plunges into narrow ditch to save puppies


The canines’ mother was calling for help.
In the town of Tupungato in Mendoza, Argentina, a man was going to become a canine hero.

It turns out that a dog had mistakenly left her pups at the mercy of the aquifer current that passed under a bridge and she needed help.

Placing the hatchlings safely could end in the worst of endings. Given the degree of complexity of the rescue, residents of the place called the firefighters, they went to the place to proceed with the rescue,

However, they did not have the necessary tool, so they decided to go back to look for it, while doing this, a local hero emerged.

It all started when after a heavy rain, some barking of a dog was heard. When approaching the place, some puppies were observed that were hidden under a bridge.

Pedro Chafala was in the place and decided to act. “There were a lot of people, neighbors. And at that moment, municipal staff arrived, but they couldn’t.

The puppies were in the middle of the bridge and they weren’t going to be able to, it was narrow. I could, up to a certain point, but I arrived and I was able to take them out one by one,» said the man who saved the puppies in an interview with the local media outlet El Cuco Digital.

A social media user named Javier Moyano, who became interested in the rescue, photographed and shared the scene on the platforms.

In them you can see Pedro muddy next to the dog and his puppies finally released.

Thanks to Pedro’s bravery, these pups now have a chance to live. It should be said that throughout the rescue the team

firefighter professionals were very aware of what was happening, but the intrepidity of the local was key in saving the puppies.

Apparently the space was very narrow to access where the pups were. If he waited a moment longer, the flow of the water would cause the little ones to lose their lives.

According to some media outlets, the animals are currently in the adoption process.

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