Mother elephant put all 4 paws on the crocodile to save the baby elephant who was suddenly attacked


A video that recently surfaced on social media has caught the attention of wildlife enthusiasts and many others as it shows a baby elephant being attacked by a crocodile while having a drink in a swamp.

Fortunately, the calf was saved by its mother, who came to its rescue by trampling the crocodile with all four legs. This incident speaks to the maternal instinct of animals, including elephants, who often go to great lengths to protect their offspring from harm and predators.

In this case, the bravery and courage of the mother elephant saved her baby from a traumatic experience. The video has received praise for the actions of the mother elephant and a reminder not to mess with a protective mother elephant.

In the African jungle, a baby elephant was lucky enough to escape a crocodile that tried to bite its trunk. The calf was wading through the shallow end of a water trough when the alligator leapt out of the water and attacked it.

However, the calf’s mother came to the rescue and the rest of the herd joined in the fight to protect the vulnerable youngster. The little elephant defeated the reptile and knocked it into the dark water.

Francois Borman, a Zimbabwean farmer and amateur photographer, captured dramatic footage of the incident at Mana Pools in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley.

The newborn elephant was eager to drink and he ran straight into the water, unaware of the dangers that might lurk in the murky waters. The alligator suddenly jumped on the baby elephant’s trunk, creating a chaotic scene.

“The calf let out a loud cry and started fighting for its life against the crocodile. Time stood still as the calf tensed up and almost instantly pulled the crocodile out of the water.

other elephants objected, and the crocodile eventually abandoned the calf. I was ecstatic when I saw my photographs; I knew they were special.

“Wildlife photographers have spent a lot of time sitting around, waiting and hoping for this specific sight. Read and share your friends

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