The animal moved to the house of the lady who made a bed for it


Woman makes a bed for an elderly possum who doesn’t have much energy left

The rodent’s reputation did not affect her decision.

Although some people think that opossums are disgusting, others think that they are really unique.

And a slightly reduced group wants to help them in whatever they need. A woman who published some interesting images on social networks belongs to this last group.

In the aforementioned publications, an adult opossum is observed inside a box furnished with blankets and some sheets so that the aforementioned rodent can rest.

In addition, the woman provides food so that the pet does not go hungry.

This is Hank. He lives in my aunt’s garage. He’s very old and it’s hard for him to walk, so she prepared a warm place for him to rest and fed him lots of sweets,» said a Reddit user.

As the garage is part of the family home, the opening has been left so that the possum can venture out if she feels like it. But since he is old, he doesn’t have the strength to stay away for a long time.

«He’s not tame, but he didn’t seem scared either. As he got older, he stayed longer until he decided that he was going to reside in the garage,’ added the woman’s nephew.

It should be noted that this type of rodent is very intelligent and docile when it receives an appetizer.

«Modern grumpy is pretty much his default state until the treats come out, then he’s just a little annoyed by your existence,» the young man joked.

It remains to be seen how long Hank will continue to be at this address, though the woman doesn’t seem to care much.

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