Dirty and hungry, he begs for someone to help him with the tangle of hair that prevents him from walking


Every dirty, hungry and needy stray can achieve an incredible transformation when it gets into the right hands. They go from being a tangled and dirty ball of fur to a fluffy, healthy and very happy furry.

The evolution experienced by animals that are rescued from the street is amazing. After having nothing, not even a little food, they show how important they can be in a home when given the opportunity to be part of one.

This is the story of Frisbee, a kitten that for a long time wandered the streets unnoticed by hundreds of passers-by.

It wasn’t until a group of volunteers from the Lowell Trap-Neuter-Returne Coalition rescued him that he could see a better fate. He was then transferred to the Merrimack River Feline Resuce Society facilities.

The dirty, matted kitten was rescued in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

When they saw Frisbee for the first time, he was covered in dirt, hungry and very scared, it was not easy to catch him, his rescuers had to set some traps to prevent him from escaping and to take him to a safe place.

Fortunately, he got the help he needed. The Merrimack Feline Rescue Society commented on this:

“He was originally found outside, severely matted (worst we’ve ever seen) and very hungry. He was captured as part of a program, Trap-Neuter-Return, he was found to be friendly and in need of serious dental surgery.”

Frisbee gave the impression that he had led a very hard life, the tangle of his hair was so heavy, ragged and uncomfortable, that it even prevented him from walking.

But despite his difficult situation, he did not have a fracture, which made his recovery not so complicated.

Once at the shelter facilities, the first thing the rescuers did was cut off all the matted fur and give him a treatment for his teeth.

From day one he proved to be a warrior.

The sweet kitten could only surrender to the hands of his caregivers and after purring he snuggled up tenderly, it was his way of thanking him and showing them how happy he was. It only took one bath for Frisbee to go from being a dirty and desolate cat to a clean and happy one.

This beautiful feline received all the attention he needed to recover his health, little by little his change became more evident. In a matter of weeks he was ready for adoption.

He quickly won the heart of a family.

Incredibly, Frisbee found a home much faster than his rescuers expected.

«Frisbee has already been happily adopted.» He shared the rescue group through his networks.

He even found his favorite chair, and his fur grew back healthy and shiny. Frisbee loves the happy and comfortable life of him without a worry or care in the world.

Now this adorable fluffy ball spends his days enjoying the love his new family gives him. He loves to spend the day lying down and getting pampered. This time, a furry was rescued and today he enjoys a new opportunity, but there are still many animals left on the streets.

The only sustainable solution to put an end to the negligent and abusive treatment of animals is through the ethical training of people.

All animal lovers believe that action, education and information, together, are capable of raising awareness and stopping the lack of empathy and awareness about the consequences of abandonment.

Infinite thanks to all the activists and organizations that protect the most vulnerable furry ones and are committed to eradicating violence not only from pets but from all wildlife on our planet.

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