Young man rescues a special kitten and he thanks him with smiles
The cat had lost tissue on its face. A cat with a different face was taken to a veterinary clinic due to a health condition. Apart from that painting
A kitten who never knew her mother’s love declares herself to the world
A kitten abandoned after giving birth now succeeds thanks to the help of volunteers and her own free will. On the first day of July, a responsible citizen
A kitten nicknamed Grandpa is winning people’s hearts
They say that in the future the concept of «health» will become something similar to a utopia, an unattainable and non-existent phenomenon.
The man meets a little kitten in a street and decides to save him, but a few years later the kitten has transformed
The man meets a little kitten in a street and decides to save it, but a few years later the kitten has turned into a puma. When the man noticed the kitten
The cat waited two weeks in the same place for its owner, who was taken to hospital
Everyone knows the stories of how dogs wait for their owners for years. But cats can be just as loyal. In the small town of Shuya in Ivanovo, there was
Why a cat is useful in the hoսse: facts aոd signs.
A cat in the house is always good. In ancient times, this animal was not just a mascot or a good luck talisman: in some cultures, it was a deity.
A boy meets a cat that was lost 7 months ago, his reaction will melt even a heart of stone
Owners love their pets and it comes as a real shock to them when their pet is lost. The boy’s cat was missing seven months ago, and the boy’
A ten-day-old kitten holds the babysitter’s hand as a tօken օf appreciation for all the help
The ten-day-old kitten thanks the help and touchingly takes the babysitter by the hand. Onion Kitten was only ten days old when she arrived at Baby Kitten
Kind pit bull brought home a pregnant cat
Everyone who has ever seen a pit bull named Hades, it was hard to even imagine that such a story could happen to him. A formidable-looking fighting dog
A gentle young man rescued five small animals from thick mud, not knowing who they were.
That morning a resident of Thailand, Shurachet Klaevkala, went to work as usual. His way ran past the new construction site, from where he could hear a