The man peeks into his parrot’s nest and finds it taking care of some kittens left to fend for themselves


14 years ago a farm worker named Josemar Milli was working as a farmer with his wife.

In the middle of the wooded area they found two «baby» parrots that apparently had lost their parents.

The couple decided to adopt them and give them all the love that the little birds needed for their development.

Within the dynamics, it was always thought of releasing them when they had a sufficient level of development.

One of the two decided to leave the care of the couple and one day he took flight and did not return.

On the other hand, the female decided to stay, although she also had the freedom to choose.

Her absences were only a few hours, since she always returned to let herself be taken care of by her rescuers.

“We call her Louro. She was never caged. She just never wanted to leave,» Milli told a news outlet. But what the keepers were unaware of was that the bird’s routines were going to change.

“Louro has always slept at home, but then, for three nights, she slept somewhere else.

And during the day, she started staying near this [hollow] wooden post,” Milli said somewhat surprised. For a moment he thought that he had copied the behavior of his twin brother.

Milli knew that Louro hung out from time to time in a nest that was located in a hollow post.

So he decided to peek out, paying attention to her curiosity. To Milli’s surprise, Louro had apparently found a litter of three little kittens and was taking care of them.

“She thinks of them as her babies,” said the farmer, surprised by Louro’s actions.

Apparently a neighbor’s cat gave birth on the pole and then left them. Without Louro’s affection and his ability to attract attention, it is possible that the cats would have lost their lives.

“We brought them home and we are taking care of them,” Milli said. In a short time the cats adapted to their new reality. They were eager for affection and protection.

“My daughters will keep them,” said Milli, who also has a pet cat that has interacted with the cats on several occasions.

Of course, the protagonist of this story will continue to behave in the same way. He has no intention of leaving.

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