Man carries his puppy to the top of the mountain to say goodbye


He had a health condition and was in his last days.

It was the favorite place of Carlos Fresco and Monty, that’s why before the departure

imminent of his dog, this man decided to take what would be his last walk. For this he used a wheelbarrow to climb the steep mountain.

This elevation is located in the Brecon Beacons mountain range in Wales, United Kingdom.

Monty is already 10 years old, and unfortunately his health has been detrimental, especially since they found a condition affecting his health that little by little ended his life.

Although Carlos administered treatment, it was not enough to stop him from spreading rapidly.

So Monty won’t live long, so it was important that they get up the mountain as soon as possible.

The affective ties that unite them are very long-lasting, given that Carlos has had Monty since he was very young.

There has never been a lack of walks in the mountains of the United Kingdom, it has been the favorite pastime for both of them.

Both of their lives changed when about a year and a half ago, Monty was found to have a serious condition on his health.

Carlos recounts: «Monty responded well to the treatments at first, but unfortunately the condition returned several weeks ago and began to fade rapidly.»

For Monty the countdown began, his departure was only a matter of time, so Carlos immediately began planning their last adventure together.

An unexpected trip to London was seen by Carlos as the perfect opportunity to fulfill their dream.

Carlos explained: “We ended up staying there for a week and Monty loved having a big back garden to stretch out in, which is where I came across a rusty old wheelbarrow which I decided to dust and oil.”

Carlos used that wheelbarrow to go up with Monty to the most special place for both of them, Mount Pen and Fan.

When Monty realized that they were going for a walk, he couldn’t hide his great happiness. The last trip together would have a tinge of happiness.

“The people of the hills were very friendly and they were discouraged by their state of disrepair.

In fact, complete strangers asked if they could share Monty’s drive on his latest ride; many strangers poured out

a tear because we all love our little four-legged friends very much. I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement» Carlos pointed out.

«That little guy touched so many lives. He made everyone he came in contact with smile and take a moment to reflect on how sometimes life isn’t so bad.

Our little companions are always there waiting for you and offer comfort when things have not gone well. I would like to thank all the wonderful people we met in Brecon and in the hills for their true kindness and friendliness. « Carlos pointed out while his eyes shone.

As they went up, people wondered why Carlos was carrying Monty on the wheelbarrow, and the answer caused them such astonishment that they supported both of them by pushing up. Everyone was moved when they heard the story.

Monty lost his life on June 21, 2021, leaving great discouragement in his family, but happiness at the same time for so many moments lived that will remain forever in the memory.

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