Only the smartest people can guess country names in 9 seconds!


Brain teasers are great tools to test your creativity and critical thinking skills. Check if you have a big brain by guessing all the country names in 9 seconds!

The shared images show five different countries that have their own unique characteristics.

This riddle is a fun way to test your intelligence based on your attentiveness.

You have to examine the problem carefully and arrive at the answer using your logical reasoning skills.

You have to analyze the image to arrive at the solution because the answer is not hinted at in the image this time.

Take a good look at the image before making a decision, because the answer is quite simple, but it can also seem complicated.

Research shows that the normal human brain can perceive different perceptions or images from each perspective.

Optical illusions are usually mind-altering images of an object or image or people that challenge the brain’s perception.

There are different types of optical illusions such as physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions.

Solving riddles is a great way to train your attentiveness and concentration. Even our distant ancestors knew about it. Some of the earliest known riddles come from Babylonian times.

1. Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and a piece of pizza are enough to guess the name of the country, which is Italy.

2. Mexico

The hamburgers, sombrero hat, and jalapeno peppers make it easy to guess the name of the country, which is none other than Mexico.


The rising sun, the tango dance and the penguin will make you think of Argentina. It is further complicated by the penguin and tango dances.

4. Spain

Flamenco dancing and bullfighting are easy guesses. The country is Spain.

5. United States

The lights, cameras and action are reminiscent of Hollywood, and the Capitol building clearly shows that we are talking about the United States of America here.

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