A kitten who never knew her mother’s love declares herself to the world


A kitten abandoned after giving birth now succeeds thanks to the help of volunteers and her own free will.

On the first day of July, a responsible citizen found two kittens. The mother cat abandoned them and did not return, and the babies needed urgent attention.

to newborn kittens, but in this situation it was obvious that our intervention was necessary,” says Patricia Lika, an animal rights activist from Las Vegas.

Both stuffed animals were very small, one half the size of the other. «Alexander was a run-of-the-mill puppy with a slight underweight, but his brother Liam’s was a 40-gram premature baby, not fully grown,» she began feeding and petting the babies every hour, according to schedule.

Alexander, a bigger kitten, hugged his brother all the time and didn’t leave him alone.

Despite his best efforts, Liam went to the rainbow at the age of eight days. His sister and his guardians were by his side until the end.

“We will always remember Liam’s strength, even though he lived so little. He knew he was loved and had a huge impact on many.»

Alexander continued to make progress every day, as in memory of his brother. Patricia gave him lots of stuffed animals so he wouldn’t feel alone.

Regularly well fed, surrounded by love and care, the minke opened his eyes and declared himself to the world.

“He gained weight as he should have and started to be a plump, healthy boy,” says Patricia.

When Patricia arrived with a bottle, Alejandro waited patiently in the incubator, watching intently while Mommy prepared the food. Satisfied, he gladly allowed himself to be stroked and wrapped in a towel.

“He had a very deep connection with me because I’ve known him since he was born. I love it when he looks at me like I’m his mother, it melts my heart. He likes to sunbathe in my hands”, says Patricia.

He is still very young for his age, but every time he hears the voices of other adoptees, he pricks up his ears and yearns.

“Furry and happy boy! At mealtime, he opens his mouth wide and shows off his meowing, ”adds Patricia.

“It’s funny, he likes to climb on the incubator and look at the kittens in my room. He wants to join them, but he’s still too small.»

Yesterday, Alexander turned one month old – another milestone successfully passed. He will soon leave his incubator and move to a spacious arena, where he will hone his cat skills.

“Raising these vulnerable children is sometimes heartbreaking, but there are moments that bring complete happiness,” says Patricia.

“There will be more love and happy endings, that’s what keeps me going. And Alexander is proof of that.

The striped kitten has turned into a fluffy ladybug with an outstanding character. He is looking forward to finally communicating with other cats in the house and putting his paws to work.

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