Young man rescues a special kitten and he thanks him with smiles


The cat had lost tissue on its face.

A cat with a different face was taken to a veterinary clinic due to a health condition.

Apart from that painting, he was totally dirty and neglected from living in the middle of the street, experiencing great difficulties.

Street cats usually live in large groups. The reason is that they are installed near power sources and have some kind of protection against low or high temperatures.

In the case of this kitten, perhaps it was something different, since there were no other cats like him.

The cat had arrived at the veterinary c

«They said he was too small and wouldn’t last, but he persisted,» Ahsen said.

For this woman it was not negotiable to attend to the feline. She took the little girl home and gave her space so that she could begin to heal.

Zommbi, as she named the little boy, received a grim health prognosis, but Ahsen was determined to do whatever she could to help him recover.

Zommbi’s mouth had been affected by different health situations. He had a long road to recovery.

Ahsen diligently cleaned the feline’s mouth, started the treatments, and made sure the kitty always received love.

Before long, the kitten was eating without complaint and was able to drink from a water fountain. Every time Ahsen tended to his needs, Zommbi was completely grateful.

A feline with his health problem can easily contaminate other cats. Currently Zommbi has won and his mouth is healing nicely.

After extracting two lower teeth, he has been able to eat much easier without any discomfort.

Ahsen was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and make this feline an official member of her extended family.

The feline received a spa day after almost two months of recovery. They were getting him ready to mingle with the rest of the feline tribe.

The cat with the permanent smile joined the other cats immediately.

They immediately showed him how to play with toys, expanding the impression of welcome.

Zikri is the name of one of the cats that began to follow Zombie and share his space with him. Now they are inseparable.

«Being able to help animals like Zommbi makes me happy. It’s an invaluable feeling to be able to say ‘we did it’, to see his change and to be instrumental in this,» said the kindhearted woman.

The sweet kitty exudes joy wherever he goes, for he has been given a second chance.

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