A kitten nicknamed Grandpa is winning people’s hearts


They say that in the future the concept of «health» will become something similar to a utopia, an unattainable and non-existent phenomenon.

And everyone, humans and animals, will be born already sick, with various anomalies. But that is not a reason to give up on civilization: everything can be cured!

An unusual kitten was born recently

At his first examination, a pragmatic vet suggested euthanasia: why torment the animal?

But the owners refused and went to the voluntary Alianza de Gatos Callejeros

The kitten had two congenital diseases that made it unlivable. First, there was a cleft in the palate that prevented her from eating.

This wasn’t difficult to fix surgically, but the animal would have to be a certain weight for the operation, and how could it gain if it couldn’t eat?

Second, the kitten’s hind legs were crooked due to the irregular shape of the tendons.

They can also right themselves, but not on their own, or they won’t walk again. So, damn it – the vet was right.

But the volunteers had a different opinion.

The kitten was nicknamed Grampy

It’s easy: every two hours feed your kitten through a special tube

And in the same interval, he massages her paws,

And so for weeks. And yesterday he opened his eyes and everyone was so sure!

The baby has a few operations, a difficult course of rehabilitation and a happy cat life afterwards. Наверное.

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