A gentle young man rescued five small animals from thick mud, not knowing who they were.


That morning a resident of Thailand, Shurachet Klaevkala, went to work as usual. His way ran past the new construction site, from where he could hear a silent and pitiful moan.

The guy listened: the sounds came from a small pit filled with mud. He looked inside and saw strange creatures, barely moving and spinning in the mud.

OUR Editorial Office has translated for you what happened beyond.

Most of the strange little animals looked like rats. Or baby mongooses. It was impossible to see under the mud, so Shurachet climbed into the pit and brought the five to light.

It was then that it became clear that these were normal puppies, but so covered in mud that they had already become living statues and could barely move.

As Shurachet washed the dogs out of the thick mud, he wondered: how did they end? there? The puppies were very small, they may have had only a few days of the week.

A mother dog might especially choose a secluded place for a den, not suspecting that after the monsoon the well will fill with mud. She, by the way, was not close, as well as traces of stay, and in the guts of the puppies rumbled sadly.

The dog had to admit his death in the mud and abandoned them. And the man decided to take it to the end.

The clean puppies turned out to be adorable and fluffy, and the fed ones were playful and affectionate animals. At the time, his entire family knew about Shurachet’s find, and many helped care for the dogs.

In the evening at the family council, they decided that they would keep the five of them, because it is a good sign!

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