A man goes into the water to free a dog and he thanks him with a hug


The dog was bonded in a backyard when the big rains came.
In recent years, the rains have had great effects in Alabama, United States. Many homes with backyards are flooded with water during this time marked by climate change.

One day, a stream left its channel, raising the water level to about fifty centimeters from the ground. In one of those houses there was a bound dog, which had been left in that condition by its owner. The dog could barely keep its head above the water.

Bill Banks is an elderly man who loves animals and noticed what was happening to the canine. Immediately he walked through the water with great caution and approached the dog, who upon seeing him hugged him as if asking for help.

It is very unfortunate that there are people who forget that pets are also affected by large bodies of water. Banks, who is also in charge of a local animal sanctuary, explains that this situation is very common when the rains come.

«Not knowing what might be in the water or the dog’s behavior, Director Banks waded waist-deep in the water himself to free the dog and remove it from the area.» The authorities pointed out.

When he met the dog, it had ants on its body. This common insect in the area can have a great impact on the skin of any species. Banks could verify it when he climbed the canine in his arms.

«Director Banks walked through waist-deep water to free the dog and remove it from the area surrounded by the cause in which he was,» was the report of the authorities on this action. It should be said that some neighbors saw the condition of the dog, but they were frightened for his life, which is why they reported it to the corresponding authorities.

“In all the years I’ve been here, that creek has never risen this high before,” explained Bill, who also contacted the owner when he returned to his home. Apparently he had a family event and forgot to release his pet.

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