Firefighter goes down to a well to save a puppy and he thanks him with a hug


The canine showed its appreciation.

The mistaken descent of a Golden Retriever dog into a hole was the center of attention of thousands of people who saw the post on Twitter.

Apparently the canine received the attention of the firefighters, generating varying reactions.

And it is that the loyalty of animals is one of the most important lessons that are received from nature. Her unconditional love and gratitude for him is shown in this story. The dog showed his gratitude in an unforgettable way.

After taking the dog out of the narrow hole, this canine began to move with the intention of thanking his rescuer. And it was not for less, the rescue professional saved his life.

This breed is known for having a gentle, intelligent, and loving temperament. In addition, they are very playful and docile with children and rarely show negative attitudes towards strangers.

«They are very grateful beings,» said one of the more than 25,000 positive comments that the famous rescue received.

Any video that shows a puppy being rescued is undoubtedly a show of affection from some humans who care about them.

«Very emotional, such gratitude»; «How sweet». «And they still call it animals, I want to be an animal», were some comments that show the need to show empathy at this time with these special beings.

«There is much to learn from these noble beings,» said another user of the aforementioned social network, who appreciated the work of the professionals in this regard.

«Thanks to all the firefighters who, regardless of the species, are life savers» Despite the fact that this event occurred a few years ago,

to this day it is a clear example of how there are still people who care about any kind of life, even if it does not belong to the same species.

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