Lord is excited to meet his lost puppy after several days of searching


The emotion was endless.

Don Pedro is an almost 80-year-old Chilean grandfather who lives with his furry best friend, «Cachupín». Part of his life has been spent by

side of this faithful friend, who does not care about the economic position of his owner. This story is undoubtedly inspiring like many that include dogs as man’s best friend.

Cachupín was lost due to an oversight on the part of the public transport attendants in which Don Pedro was traveling with his inseparable friend.

The collective unit workers forbade him to take it with him, for unknown reasons.

The canine traveled in the trunk for several hours, this being an irresponsibility on the part of the workers of the transportation company.

In some section of the route to Osorno, Cachupin got out. When they gave the news to Don Pedro, he did not hesitate at any time to get off the site and start looking for it with all his energy.

It was about five in the morning, when the old man was told about the loss of his canine friend.

From that very moment, he began to ask for help until he reached the ears of the animal group «Suyai», which immediately

created a dissemination campaign through social networks, getting many people to join in the search for Cachupín.

“Don Pedro was looking for his dog all day along with several people who accompanied him. We were with him, we went to the Liceo Industrial San Javier, and Cachupín does not appear.

We will continue to support Don Pedro, as well as many people who are joining the search. We beg whoever sees it, please retain it,» the statement said.

Although they were days of long walks, it was possible to find the location of the puppy. Apparently a driver saw

Cachupín and followed him until he managed to find him and bring him to safety. The “Suyai” volunteers were in charge of reuniting the two friends.

“They are going to take me to the terminal and you know what: my anger with those people who lost my bus has passed.

I only feel happiness and gratitude for those who helped me find it”, concluded Mr. Pedro.


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