“Here’s a toy so I don’t forget me”: A boy leaves his defenseless puppy at a shelter so his father can’t beat him
Sadly, the world isn’t always fun and bright. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions, even if they break your heart. A few days ago, this
The Adorable Moment of the Golden Retriever Kissing the Dolphin
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Senior deaf dog wakes up to a new life after spending 11 years on the streets
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Dirty and hungry, he begs for someone to help him with the tangle of hair that prevents him from walking
Every dirty, hungry and needy stray can achieve an incredible transformation when it gets into the right hands. They go from being a tangled and dirty
Pilot gives up winning the race to save the puppy that appeared in the middle of the road
After months of preparation, a rally driver decided to give up his victory to stop to save the life of a little dog that came out of nowhere in the middle of the track.
Puppy jumps with emotion when reunited with his family who lost him months ago
Cow, is a beautiful dog, whose name honors its peculiar color. This past January, he was dropped off outside the Louisiana SPCA animal sanctuary.
Woman stops her car to pick up a homeless dog that needed help
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Video. A small dog was using a boot as shelter before a man found the puppy thrown in the litter and rescued him
A man named Goran Marinkovich still feeds homeless and stray dogs. Once, while doing his daily feeding, he noticed a weak and very small dog.
A man goes into the water to free a dog and he thanks him with a hug
The dog was bonded in a backyard when the big rains came. In recent years, the rains have had great effects in Alabama, United States. Many homes with
Man stops in the middle of the road to help a puppy
Its former owner would have left it on the side of the road. Brandon Turnbow is a motorcyclist and musician by profession, whose life took an unexpected turn.