Puppy is rescued by gas station workers and becomes employee of the year


The canine that was rescued from the streets now works at a gas station.

Matute is a dog with past negative experiences. His routines were linked to street food and sleeping in the middle of the road.

One day he was found by a child in the location of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, the dog had been hit by a car.

The events occurred in March 2022 and since then it has received all the support of the community, mainly from the workers of a service station. Since then he has not stopped being another employee at the gas station.

Matute has evolved very well in his recovery. As part of an advertising campaign, he was given the service station uniform, the first outfit he would have. It should be said that the canine is very happy on social networks.

The rescued dog has his own social networks. Logically, the gas station workers will prepare all the content for Matute.

«Many people when they look at him can be a little scared with his (marks on his face), but don’t worry because despite

that he no longer grows fur, today he no longer feels any pain in the place, «said one of the employees on Matute’s Instagram profile,

referring to the marks he has on his body due to his former life on the streets.

The workers of that place also congratulate and thank the boy who brought him to them.» If it wasn’t for him, who carried Hooch, he probably would have (lost his life) on the sidewalk.»

We all deserve a second chance and Matute got it.

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