Thousands of people cry with the recording of the camera placed on a stray dog


Thousands of people are moved by the scenes recorded by a camera placed on a street dog. The video shows a reality that few had seen.

How would you survive a life on the street? For an animal, abandonment is the beginning of a very difficult path. They survive in adverse conditions, and they fight against the risks of being run over, receiving unfair treatment and dealing with hunger.

They depend on the solidarity of the people who travel through those cold streets in which they try to find a safe place. Unfortunately, the looks of indifference are more than the help offered to these vulnerable beings who are not to blame for suffering this situation.

Every day, hundreds of dogs and cats are thrown out into the streets, most suffer a sad sentence to a fatal outcome when they are left totally unprotected.

Sadly, abandonment has become a social problem all over the world. According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), in Brazil alone there are more than 30 million abandoned animals, suffering all kinds of abuse.

To make people aware of this problem, the animal welfare organization World For All Animal Care & Adoptions, based in Mumbai, India, had the initiative to carry out an experiment showing the cruel reality that these animals have to face.

The project consisted of placing a video camera on the collar of an abandoned dog in the city of Mumbai.

The scenes record the various challenges that a stray dog faces every day.

It should be noted that no dogs were injured in the making of the video and that it is intended to raise awareness so that people do not abandon them and can change their current situation to a better one.

The objective was to sensitize people about a reality that must change

These are the shocking images that have shocked thousands of people:

The result is shocking. The images managed to capture the endless risks and unfair treatment to which they are exposed on a daily basis.

Dumpsters, sewage water and puddles are the sources of food for the puppies that try to have a decent life longing for the opportunity to go home. Everyone deserves to have a family that loves and protects them without conditions.

The affection is replaced by the unfair treatment of men, women and even children who intimidate them with a fair amount of shouting and even other aggression.

For them, the only important thing is not that these dogs have the living conditions they deserve, but that they are away from their homes and commercial establishments.

They are the despised who flee in fright with nowhere to take refuge and risk their lives dodging vehicles with every attempt to cross the busy streets. Every time they try to cross to move in search of protection, food or help, they risk their lives.

Sadly, many drivers are not aware of the importance of protecting them because they deserve the same value as human beings, and they are in that situation precisely because of society’s negligence.

In this scene he meets a woman in an alley. The mere presence of her makes her throw a bucket of water directly into her face, with that deplorable gesture she intends to scare the poor dog away instead of offering him some food and a caress.

Here she had some success finding a morsel that unfortunately she can’t eat, because it slips between some rocks out of her reach.

When it seems that he has met a generous soul, who lures him with some food, he is miserably treated.

He has no heart who is capable of betraying the faithful love of these companions.

Our task is to fight against the indifference of many people, who realize that animals are beings that suffer, have feelings and need us. It is wrong to abandon them or not to help them, and it is unacceptable for them to be mistreated.

It is everyone’s commitment to fight against the unfair treatment received by street animals and to enforce their rights. Animal abandonment should not exist, everyone should have the guarantee of being loved and protected until the end of their days.

Sometimes the institutions and shelters are not enough to serve them all, there is still a lot to do to help them. That video invites many people to reflect and do their bit.

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