Dog goes to live in the nursing home so as not to be separated from its owner


An adorable dog that can’t stand being separated from his adoptive mother, goes to live in an asylum to be close to her

Mara Gonçalves Ern, a 74-year-old woman, decided to continue her life in a nursing home located in Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The woman realized that her physical strength was no longer sufficient to cope with the main tasks of the household. Therefore, at the beginning of February he moved to the residence, but, unfortunately, he had to leave his beloved puppy in his old home.

His dog named Bob did not accept what was happening and began to behave in a strange way, it seemed that nostalgia took over the animal. Bob didn’t want to be far from Mara, so he tried his best and came to the nursing home, just to look for his adoptive mother.

As expected, the dog could not enter the home, but stayed on the sidewalk, in front of the woman’s room, howling to get her attention.

Dog goes to live in an asylum with his mother
Puppy returns owner
Bob proved to be very persistent, and for 17 days he stayed in the same place until he was finally allowed to see Mara.

Bob in asylum

Apparently, Bob did not like to live with his other relatives very much, since since he was a puppy he lived with Mara. Surprisingly, he managed to find her, and now that he knew where she was, he had no intention of getting away from his best friend.

Mara said in an interview with G1:

«I asked the neighbor to take care of him and my cousin to pick him up and take him home and lock him up, but my cousin went to get him and he came forward, he didn’t want to go.»

Bob, as he could, managed to escape again and returned to his old home, hoping to find Mara, but he did not achieve his goal. The woman learned of his escape and asked a neighbor to take care of the dog until his family arrived and brought him to safety.

Mara advised her cousins to lock Bob in the backyard, but before that happened she escaped again and returned to the asylum. The dog even tried to bite Mara’s relatives when they tried to capture him, because he didn’t want anyone to spoil his plan.

Adorable Bob
Mara was very amazed at everything that was going on, because Bob had never bitten anyone and was always very calm and peaceful. Luckily, the asylum administration gave Mara good news and gave her a solution to solve her pet’s problem.

Bob began to live in the kennel of the residence, where daily he receives the visit and love of his beloved Mara. The agreement made everyone happy, as the family didn’t have to worry about Bob and the asylum didn’t have to deal with the boisterous dog.

Bob and his owner
Mara commented:

«There is no money in the world to pay for Bob’s value. They already tried to buy it, but I don’t sell, I don’t change or give. I’m not going to leave him alone either.»

In addition, it seems that Bob’s presence has positive effects on Mara, as the home psychologist, Bruna Innocenzo, celebrated his arrival. According to her, Bob’s company makes Mara better adapt to her new environment and completely improves her self-esteem.

The psychologist said:

«So really, she considers it her new home, because the animal is close and it’s like therapeutic and psychosocial support.»

Dog is going to live
The other residents were also satisfied, as Bob adds fresh air to the environment because he is always playing and attracting attention.

The puppy quickly adapted to his new home, respects the rules, but all he really wants is to be next to Mara.

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