The doggie steals the fake teeth and makes everyone laugh and entertain


We are living in such hard and desperate times, that everyone thinks to get entertained in some or other way. This funny doggie seems to have found the perfect way of doing so and on the other hand, the dog also makes other people laugh and have fun.

Funny enough, the doggie found the fake teeth of the owner and wanted to try them on him. The result was very funny.  He was going back and forth in the house trying to get the attention of the family members. 

Everyone in the family was having fun and enjoying the funny moments of the doggie.Seems like the doggie found the perfect way of entertaining and making everyone happy and smiling. 

“He was like one of those Disney characters trying their best to make everyone happy. He unexpectedly was smiling at me and when I saw his teeth I couldn’t hold my laughter” — says the doggie owner. 

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