After many rejections the dog was finally adopted to the family he really deserved to have


This cute and cool doggie is one of the oldest residents of the shelter located in Los Angeles. The dog was so many times rejected for being adopted. All the workers really lost their hope that he would ever be adopted. 

However, not everything was so bad, as one could imagine. Maybe, during all this time it was the right time for the doggie to be adopted.

One usual day a very rich man came to the shelter to adopt a doggie. He immediately noticed this amazing dog and wanted to take him home. 

And from now on, the life of the dog completely changed. Now, he had a huge house in Bel Air and was living his best life ever possible. 

He was treated amazingly, he was taken to vacations. Overall, he was enjoying his dolce vita. This is how life gets better, when someone has less expectations from life and others as well.

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