The two men broke into the house and rescued the dogs since they could not bear the abusives scenes


Animal abuse is one of the most threatening and sad realities that animals lovers face nowadays. For some people this is really one of the worst things that can happen and for which there is no clear responsibilities set.

This story about two friends, who saved the life of two doggies, who were severely being beaten by the owners. They were on their way back home, as they heard some sounds from the yard of a house.

It was clearly the sounds of doggies. It was clear that they misbehaved and the doggies were punished. They were hearing the cries of the dogs, as if children were crying. They went into the yard of the house and saved him from the terrible reality.

They took the doggie to their place and gave them all the necessary treatment and anything that he needed. After some time, they decided to take the doggies to shelter, where it would be easier for them to get along with other doggies too.

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