The oldest dog who was rescued to the shelter was excited to celebrate his birthday


This cute doggie was adopted into a shelter more than 15 years ago. All his life was passed in the shelter. He was considered as the oldest doggie in the shelter.

Although, he had gone through a lot of hardships and difficulties, he was lucky enough to get into the shelter. His previous owners left the country because of difficult circumstances and they decided to grant a life for the doggie.

For the occasion of his birthday, the shelter workers decided to make a huge birthday party for the doggie. He was becoming 23 years of age. Everyone was really excited to be celebrating along with the doggie.

There were a lot of plays and parties during the birthday celebrations. In first glance, the doggie could not realize what was going on.

But after some time, he also got into the celebrations and it was feeling super amazing to him and to everyone around. It was obvious, that the doggie was also excited to get birthday presents too.

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