The rescued dog got this kitten and now loves her like her own baby


We all know that cats and dogs are worst enemies in the world. They always fight with each other to prove who is better and strong. However, not everything is like we imagine. Sometimes, we get the wrong picture from everything.

This cute doggie Andrew got adopted into a good family five years ago. The family loved her so much. They were doing everything to make him feel good.

One day, the family member brought a kitten to their place. The felt the doggie was getting bored and decided to make some good surprise for her.

The first reaction of the doggie was very interesting. At first he was examining the kitten trying to realize which kind of animal the cat was.

However, after short period of time, the two got so much connected and bonded with each other, the did not want to let each other go. They were spending all their time together. The doggie was petting and caring after the kitten, as if it were her own daughter.

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