The mad husky has no idea how to deal with the cat who stole his bed


As we know, cats and dogs are one of the most problematic animals in animals world. They always fight each other. Although, we know that they also make good friends together, however, in this case all they have is fight.

These two pets were living in the home of the Adams for five months now. One day, the doggie came to his place and found out, that the kitten was having some ideas of taking his bed.

The husky got mad at the kitten. As you can see from the picture, the husky is trying to have a dialogue with the kitten with the hope to make her realize.

However, the kitten did not move even from her place. You know, it was very comfortable for her and she was not going to give up.

it was even a very funny and interesting moment. They husky was using all his effort against the kitten. However, the doggie realized at the moment, that they could share together and he just laid down beside the kitten.

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