A heart touching moment how the dog says goodbye to his owner


Friendship and bonding between doggies and the people are one of the most valuable and cutest things in the world. The dogs are very loyal to their owners and do their best to compensate all the love and care that their owners gave them.

Two years ago, his owner Daniel was diagnosed with a severe disease. The doctors examined and said that he had to go through a difficult surgery. After the surgery, however, the did not give hope for the man to live.

He was suffering his last days in the hospital. His dog was all the time by his side. He was so caring and loving to his owner. We can say, that the love of the dogs to their owners is unconditional and pure.

They are loyal and loving. Everyone in the hospital were shocked by his behaviour. During the last moments of the life of the owner, the dog was next to him to say goodbye to his beloved owner.

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