After Being Diagnosed with Cancer the Doggie Wanted to His owner for the Last Time


The doggie Jack was adopted by the police officer Adam, who was so in love with the doggie. Adam dedicated most of his time to his job. But he felt that he should spend more time with the dog too.

One day, the doggie was feeling terrible and Adam decided to take him to the vets. After long examinations, the doctors said that the dog was diagnosed with cancer.

It was such a heartbreaking moment for Adam. He could never imagine, that he would no longer see his beloved doggo. As they went home, the dog always wanted to be closer to his owner.

There was no moment, when they were separated from each other. Adam felt that he dog wanted to be close time all time. It was feeling that he did not want to let Adam go. He was such a loyal doggie.

Even on the last day of his life, the dog went to Adama to say goodbye to him. It was such a sad moment.

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