Watch the Most Friendly Dog Giving Love to Everybody


We all know, that the love and care of the doggos are eternal and endless. They give their pure love to everybody and do not expect anything in return. This is the true meaning of love and attention.

This doggie Alex has been living in the family of Jacksons for more than ten years. In the family he is very friendly and playful.

Sometimes, when the family can not keep the doggo, they take the doggo the yard of the building until they come back for taking him.

Outside the house, the love of the doggo becomes more and more and he cannot help it. He was noticed hugging and kissing passers by and wanting to talk to them.

It is really amazing to witness the behaviour of the doggie, who was unconditionally giving all his love to others. Some people even spotted the dog and were always coming back to see and take their portion of love from it.

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