After the Death of the Dog, The Woman Got His Tattoo


Everyday we come across emotional and heartbreaking stories about the connection and the bonding between humans and animals.

We take it personally to our hearts, since these stories are usually so natural and leave a scar in the hearts of everyone. Jane was a student at the University, when she decided to adopted a dog.

Her dog was one of the reasons for her to continue her life. She could not imagine her life without her doggo Gary. They were always together and could not go without each other.

However, one day she discovered that the doggo suffered an incurable disease and that he had little time to live. She could not believe it and it was a very heavy period in her life.

As the years passed and she was already living without his wonderful doggo and decided to do a tattoo on her arm in the memory of her beloved doggie and remembered him every single minute.

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