The Loyal Dog Keeps Waiting Near the Hospital for Months where His Owner Died


We all know about the pure and powerful connection between the dogs and humans. The dogs are so loyal to people, they remember them even long after when some bad things happen to them.

The friendship between Maya and the dog Jack was so old and so precious. Maya adopted Jack from a shelter, where she was told that the dog had a very difficult life.

After living with the dog for more than five years, Maya realized that she had no one closer to her, than the dog was. However, after some time, it was discovered, that Maya had a serious illness.

She passed away in a hospital. Long after her death, the used to go and sit outside the hospital with the hope of seeing his owner.

This kind of stories remind us how deep and precious the connection between dogs and human can be, that sometimes dogs do not want to accept the death of their owners.

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