This Adorable Child Stopped to Hug the Dog


We all know that there is some kind of deep and pure connection between babies and cute animals. And this case was not an exception too.

The cameras recorded how this dog went to hug the street dog and he thought that no one was watching this moment. When he was walking to school, the boy noticed stray dogs.

He had some sweets in his beg and could not but give it all the animals watching him on the street. After a while on his way, there were another dogs too.

Instead of continuing his way, he stopped and gave the doggos a warm big heart and he was thinking that no one was watching it. However, a man who was living nearby had a camera on his hand.

Watching this cute and pure moment, the man could not resist it and took a picture of this loving moment. As later the man explained, it was a pure moment of love and friendship.

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