The Mountain Climbers Reach the Highest Peak in Mexico to Rescue the Dog


It is known truth, the mountain climber have big heart, when it comes to helping their climbing buddies or even when it comes to rescuing animals.

This group of mountaineers were heading their way to the mountains of Mexico. The temptation was very big and the mountain was high enough.

During their ascent to the mountain, they were reported that a dog was near the slopes of the dog and that the group of mountaineers should reach their as soos an possible.

Two climbers from the group decided to take the fast route to the top of the mountain and they managed to rescue the dog. At the higher top of the mountain, the air is very thick and it is hard to breathe.

Fortunately, the climbers were well prepared and had supplemental oxygen with them. One of the climbers put the small balloon of oxygen for the dog, ans thus the dog was saved.

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