Man Rescues an Old Dog, But His Wife Did not Keep it


Have you ever felt the joy and excitement of saving or rescuing someone, who mostly needs to be saved and lived?

A man noticed a dog wondering around the bus station. It looked the dog had not eaten anything for a long time. He could hardly stand on his feet.

Right at the moment, he decided that he should take the dog to his home, where he would take care of the dog and he would come back to normal life.

The dog happened to be in the place, at the right time, so the man could take him home. When he reached home, with the dog, his wife was shocked seeing them together.

She said, that it would not be possible to keep the dog, since they did not have the relevant conditions to keep the dog. So they decided to give the dog to a shelter.

After two months, they learned this tinny little dog finally found his forever home and is safe.

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