The Woman Gives Her Coat to the Freezing Dog


The love and care for animals by people are sometimes unconditional and pure. We have witnessed for so many times, that people do heroic acts just to save the animals or make them live in a better conditions.

Kristin was waiting in the bus station with her dog outside. Then she noticed that he forgot her purse in the office, so she had to go back.

It was really cold and freezing and it was not allowed to go inside the building with dogs. Right now, she thought of an amazing thing to do.

She took off her coat, wrapped it around the dog and tied the dog the near the bus station. The passers by were watching this and were very overwhelmed by this act of kindness.

The doggie itself was very satisfied and felt himself joyful and unconditionally loved by his owner. Dogs do really deserve this kind of act of kindness.

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