Heartwarming Moment when a Rescuer Kisses the Abandoned Puppy


On Monday afternoon, a team of rescuers found a puppy on the road and immediately understood the puppy got lost. When they got closer, they realized the puppy seemed scared.

The rescue team noticed the puppy running from here to there and did not know what was going on. When they finally approached the puppy, he was uncertain of how to react and was looking straight the rescuers.

After a while, the puppy realized, that that she is very happy to see people and that no one was there to hurt her. She kept on running back and forth until, one of the rescuers caught her.

What happened next was very heart warming and cute. The rescuer held her close and kissed her. The puppy could feel the love and care she was getting from the rescuer and at that moment she felt the warmest ever hug.

Now, the puppy lives happily with a caring and loving family.

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