The sick dog arrived at the shelter as a vagrant, but a rusty ring on his neck told a different story.


Husky, a missing and sick man, arrived at a Texas shelter so badly that shelter workers immediately thought of euthanizing him — his past was a mystery and his future was uncertain.

Atago (now called) was covered in leeches and had a terrible experience.

The rusty necklace and brooch that surrounded his neck denoted a troubled past, full of abandonment. Had he been chained and forgotten to be abandoned when he became too ill?

One thing was certain, Atago was exhausted and only lying down in his kennel, probably because of his illness and past abuse.

It seemed like he had given up on living, but Cindy Droogmans, founder of A-Team ELITE Rescue Dogs, saw a spark of life in the dog and decided to save him.

The moment Atago was taken out of the shelter, he was taken to the vet. Since receiving much-needed medical care, Atago has shown signs of recovery.

His fur grows slowly, his skin itches less and he likes to be outside.

He goes for a walk and smells of grass and, finally, with the people who take care of him.

He is now on his way from Texas to New York and once he is healthy enough, Atago will be available for adoption.

If you’re interested in adopting Atago (and have a fenced yard), visit A-Team ELITE Rescue Dogs to learn how to apply.

Unfortunately, a few months after its initial rescue, Atago had to be released. He had heartworm and developed a disseminated
fungal infection that affected the lumbosacral region and caused urinary and fecal incontinence, since the nerves in the area were born there)

His guardians expected a miracle, but this is not the case.

«With a heavy heart, many tears and much anger, I must announce that we had to let ATAGO cross the rainbow bridge,» the A team rescuers wrote.

«We had the best surgeons ready, but they couldn’t do anything. I want to thank the Texas veterinarian and the many New York doctors who took care of him and gave their best… It’s like a knife in the heart when that brown eye and blue eye look at you when we serve him his last meal.

«It was fast, but there is no more suffering for him. I keep my tongue to myself, but for the owner who betrayed him.

You bought it like a fluffy puppy and then it was pretty good, but when you had to spend time and money on it, you betrayed and neglected it badly. Karma will find you… And it will hit you hard.

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