Dog Mom With Broken Leg Drives Rescuers 2 Miles To Save Her Babies


Most mothers love their children unconditionally and will do anything for them. The dog proved that maternal love knows no bounds.

An injured homeless greyhound with a broken leg was found limping, and rescuers soon realized why she was fighting for his life: she was a mother.

The dog, now named Vera, was in a terrible state. In addition to her broken leg, she was also hungry and extremely emaciated.

Veterinarian Ellen Sobri, who met Vera after her friend Lyanna found her while she was foraging for food near a market in Vera, Spain, noticed that Vera was nursing.

She immediately realized that Vera had a litter of puppies somewhere.

The first thing they did was take care of Vera’s injured leg, and then they returned to where they found Vera, hoping that she would lead them to her babies.

Then Vera left, and they immediately followed her. Legs turned into meters, which turned into kilometers. Two miles later, Vera led them to a broken-down car near an abandoned house.

When they looked in the car, they saw: Vera’s litter of ten adorable puppies!

Sobri took Vera and her babies back to the vet clinic, where the little family healed together and was eventually sent up for adoption as soon as they were fully healthy.

While Sobri and Lyanna did an amazing job saving Vera, the pups would not have survived without Vera’s unconditional love and dedication!

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