The owner left the dog near the supermarket with a wallet and a note


Now, we are going to tell you a touching story broadcast above, which concerned a dog abandoned by its owner.

He was found near one of the supermarkets in Zaporozhye.

Its former owner hung a wallet with a certain amount of money around the animal’s neck, a note explaining why he treated the dog in this way.

The person apparently wanted to remain anonymous, even after reading the letter it is not clear whether the writer is a woman or a man.

The letter said the man had lost his job and did not have enough money to support the animal. He decided to let go of the dog, seeking the help of caring people.

It became clear from the letter that the dog’s name was Kent.

Luckily he was healthy, he had been trained in basic checks, he learned to roam the streets, his former owner asked him to buy something for the dog for a small fee.

He was very affected by all this and is now looking for a new family for him.

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