Bruno saved the lives of some police officers at the cost of his life. «My whole world fell apart in a split second.»


K9 dogs are known with their boldness. During dangerous cases we can count on these wise dogs. They can defend men at the cost of their own lives.

Bruno, a K9 dog, was chasing a criminal by endangering his life. he was shot in the face and is heavily injured. But he saved the lives of some policemen.

It was a real miracle. Bruno’s partner, Young, upon seeing the dog’s condition, said «My whole world fell apart in a split second.»

The hero of this story was taken to the hospital.

We did two operations to save his life. Now Bruno’s health is normal. It is retired. Young took him to his family.

He wants to live with this dog until the end of his life. Their bond of friendship was special. For Young Bruno is not just a dog, but like his son.

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