Little orphan pup was eaten by fleas, and when he was rescued and felt safe he did something special


A puppy is no different from a baby, they are too young to be able to survive alone in a world which is so huge and which can make them anxious especially when they have no bearings.

For animals, the parental need is crucial for their growth and good physical and mental development. Alas this poor little creature could not have this chance.

He had lost his mother and didn’t know what to do or where to go. His fur infested with fleas and the flies that never left him, he sat or lay down weak and hungry on the dusty earth.

It is after being noticed by a rescue team that his life will change for good.

His condition required receiving antibiotic, analgesic and intravenous treatments. The next day he began to drink formula and gradually felt better.

Once he is strengthened and restored to full health, the staff will search for a new home for him.

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