The owner scolded the old dog and went to work. He blamed himself all day, and when he came back he burst into tears.


The owner scolded the old dog and went to work. He blamed himself all day, and when he came back he burst into tears. Lima appeared in the house when Jordan was still in school. Then they spent almost all their free time together. But after that, their paths diverged.

The retriever stayed with his parents and Jordan left for another city, where he first entered college and then stayed to work. So, in the last 10 years, old friends only saw each other when Jordan came to his parents’ house, and this rarely happened.

And later, the young man’s parents had an accident that ended in tragedy. As a result, Jordan inherited the old dog. On a daily basis, Tim did not cause any inconvenience: a large dog got used to living in an apartment and quickly found his place in a new house.

Moreover, Jordan was no stranger to him. Only sometimes the old dog howled softly at night, as if remembering the previous owners. At such times, Jordan would scratch the dog affectionately behind his ear: he missed his parents too, and he wanted to howl no less than Tim.

Six months later, the pain of the loss faded a little, the young man and the dog lived together. The dog got used to the affection, so morning and evening he followed the owner, as if to say, you are not at home all day, at least pay me a little attention! And Jordan never turned the dog away. But this morning was different.

The young man woke up and realized he had overslept, and this morning he was supposed to have an important business meeting. For some reason, the alarm clock didn’t work, instead, Jordan was woken up by Tim, who wasn’t happy with it.

That he was not taken out to walk around at the usual time. Jordan quickly took the dog outside, washed himself up and immediately walked to the door. Tim, as usual, followed him, put his wet nose in his palm and began to swear at the place of affection. The meeting went well and even Tim heard a hint from the director that he would soon be promoted. However, his heart was heavy.

After work, he didn’t go partying, as his colleagues suggested, but ran home. And as soon as he inserted the key into the lock, he heard quick footsteps approaching the door. Tim, of course, couldn’t remember what happened in the morning and was just happy with his master.

Jordan barely held back his tears at such a reaction from the dog. In the evening, he prepared a festive dinner for him and Lima. And after a long time, he scratched the dog behind his ear, feeling happy, like his faithful friend.

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