Every day the dog meets the 70-year-old lady, who was hospitalized


The old owner is over 70 years old. She has three adult children, but they all left home and neglected her. She has always been alone in her house.

She met a yellow dog on the street and decided to adopt him a few years ago. The dog is playful and sometimes a little emotional. At night, he helps guard his house from thieves and also accompanies him.

One day, a lonely old lady was admitted to the hospital due to illness, and her only visitor to the hospital was her dog.

The hospital staff was aware of her situation and arranged for the dog to visit the old lady. At first, opinions were divided about the dog’s presence in the hospital, but in order for the old lady to feel better and recover faster, the dog was eventually left behind.

The dog sits at the old lady’s bedside like a child watching over her. From time to time, she gives him a snack. While he eats, she looks at him affectionately with tired eyes.

Gradually, the hospital staff begins to understand his feelings. They treat the old lady as if she were their mother and take perfect care of her.

The old lady noticed that the dog has lost weight lately, so she continues to feed him, hoping that he will soon regain weight.

What a comforting scene! Even though he doesn’t have much appetite, he continues to eat food to reassure her that when she gets better, she can recover and get out of the hospital faster.

At night, as before when they were at home, he silently watches over her at her bedside, protecting and accompanying her.

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