This is What Happens When You Leave a Dog Home Alone


Dogs can sometimes be very unpredictable, crazy and out of control, especially when you leave them alone in the house.

This is what happened to the house, then the Jameson family went shopping leaving the dog alone in the house. When they came back the could hardly recognize the house.

When they came back, they realized, that the dog had hidden talents. They discovered a brand new artist. The dog painted the whole floor of the house with his footprints.

He threw the colors to the floor and started painting the floor of the house. He had no idea how creative and talented he was, until the owners of the dog came and discovered themselves.

As you can see yourself, the dog was very busy doing so, because there was no free space in the house, where you could just put your feet in.

However, it was a very amazing experience and adventure for the dog.

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