Watch The Two Dogs Comfort Each Other as Their Owner Died in Accident


Jack Johnson was na adventurous young man, who used to go to mountain climbing and all kinds of adventurous trips was reported dead on a hiking tour.

Jack used to take his two dogs with him too and make their time interesting and beautiful. The accident happened in the rocky area where he was first reported lost, then after some time, he was reported dead.

After the death of Jack, the two dogs were so disappointed and sad. They could sense the absence of their owner. They were looking for their owner in every corner of house and outside the house.

They lived alone for a long period of time. Then, one of the friends of Jack decided, that it would be good for the dogs to be kept in a safe place.

So he decided to send them to a shelter. In the shelter, the two dogs were seen comforting and taking care of each other. It was very emotional and sad period of their lives.

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