The Ducks Being Taken Care of by a Dog


We often witness cute and beautiful animal friendships, which give us good vibes.

Meet our hero father dog Locky. He is a very intelligent, intuitive and loyal friend. He has been parenting baby ducks, when they parents were killed in a car accident.

The dog having parenting intuition thought, that the ducks have no parents now and he kind of started taking care of the baby ducks. He is looking after the duck when they are playing or crossing a street. He is so attentive and caring, no one could imagine it.

This group of ducks and a father dog caught the eyes of many people and tourists around. It is very heartwarming to watch their pure friendship.

The ducks, themselves love the «their father» so much, they do not go a mile away from the doggie father. They feel protected and safe round the dog. We can say, that love, protection and care is all that these little creatures ever needed.

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