Hero Dog Saved the Life of a Newborn Baby


It is not one time, that we witness the heroic acts of animals. They act unconditionally lovingly and are ready to any kind of difficult tasks to accomplish.

On Friday afternoon, the police inspectorate received a special urgent call, saying that a newborn child’s life is under danger.

Before the policemen reached the place of urgent call, the surrounding people were telling that a dog saved the life of a new born baby.

It turns out, that the baby was thrown into the garbage box covered in blanket. The dog was playing near the area and smelled something suspicious and immediately made his way to that very direction.

When the policemen arrived, the dog had already pulled the baby out of the garbage box. What a miracle. The baby was saved and was taken to hospital for proper care. It is of beyond love, that dogs act. They can even give their lives to save others’ lives.

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