Dog Helps Rescued Kittens


A lovely dog Alex was given to a shelter family, since his owner were moving to another apartment, where it would not be convenient enough to keep him.

So, after this incident Alex the dog got very saddened and disappointed. He would spend hours and hours in the street with the hope of finding a good owner for himself.

Some years passed and still his hopes for getting adopted were all in vein. No one came forward to take him. One day Alex was on a walk away from the shelter with his thoughts and feelings. Suddenly, he heard sounds, then he saw a trapped cat.

After the shelter team came to rescue the cat, they realized that there were more cats trapped. At the moment they could not help the cat get out.

When they were away from the place, the doggie Alex made his best to help the kittens. And it was his success.
When the rescue team came, they realized Alex did all the work and rescued all the kittens.

What an act of bravery and kindness.

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