A kitten who never knew her mother’s love declares herself to the world
A kitten abandoned after giving birth now succeeds thanks to the help of volunteers and her own free will. On the first day of July, a responsible citizen
A kitten nicknamed Grandpa is winning people’s hearts
They say that in the future the concept of «health» will become something similar to a utopia, an unattainable and non-existent phenomenon.
A ten-day-old kitten holds the babysitter’s hand as a tօken օf appreciation for all the help
The ten-day-old kitten thanks the help and touchingly takes the babysitter by the hand. Onion Kitten was only ten days old when she arrived at Baby Kitten
Kind pit bull brought home a pregnant cat
Everyone who has ever seen a pit bull named Hades, it was hard to even imagine that such a story could happen to him. A formidable-looking fighting dog
A gentle young man rescued five small animals from thick mud, not knowing who they were.
That morning a resident of Thailand, Shurachet Klaevkala, went to work as usual. His way ran past the new construction site, from where he could hear a
A brave kitten swam across an icy river, unafraid of the current, and found his masters.
Something amazing happened in Saransk. The employees of a local company were on vacation on the banks of the Sura River. When they got there, they heard
Video. Little kitten imitates his human lover when he receives caresses
Cats never cease to amaze humans. This can be properly said once a little pussycat was observed on social networks loving his human friend.
The Disabled Cat Found the Most Caring Family
Day by day we are becoming more and more sure that the dogs are the most loyal, most loving and most caring animals in the world. Their love and care are
The cat stօօd still all day and asked fօr help with a restless meօw.
Hope For Paws received an emergency text message about the injured cat and Joanna immediately went to help him. Upon arrival, she learned that the poor
There was a bag in the street, frօm which a sqսeak was heard and peօple were jսst passing by.
There was a bag in the street, from which a squeak was heard and people were just passing by. Three years ago, on one of the streets of Los Angeles, passers-by